Sales network


Based on the principle of mutual benefit to each other, exploring and developing together, our company is seeking for cooperant partners and bilateral agents in order to provide better service to the clients with a global service network.

Contact information tabel, with Region distribution and contactdetails:

Region 1:  Europe & Russia

Region 2:  Middle East

Region 3:  Asia

Region 4:  Australia – New Zeeland

Region 5:  USA – Canada

Region 6:  South America

Region 7:  Afrika


For the United States of America and  Canadian market, we have our interchangeable PROFLO PF pump model available, our Proflo PF model is a fully interchangeable with the well known 3196 pump model in outside and inside parts! If you are interested you can contact our Sales departement to find more about our possibillities to become one of our agents in one of these area's.


For other questions, please contact our Sales departement than we shall help you accordingly.

If your company is focusing on one of the above regions and interesting to exploit the new market with us, please contact one of our above contact persons to learn more about our possibillities.